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Broken Filling
Auburn, MA

Woman holding jaw while in pain from a broken filling at D.A. Dental in Auburn, MARecent research findings estimate that up to 91% of adults have had a dental cavity at one point. It means you might have had a dental cavity, or you may have it shortly, or someone close to you and a filling too! However, fillings are susceptible to cracks.

At D.A. Dental, we are always ready to help you with broken fillings and other dental issues. It does not matter what the cause is; we have a team of experienced dentists ready to offer the highest quality dental emergency services.

What Is a Dental Filling?

A dental filling, also referred to as dental restoration, is a procedure for replacing tooth structures destroyed due to tooth decay.
Despite having a long lifespan, there are times when dental filling can break, necessitating the need to be replaced. Clenching, chewing, and grinding are common causes of dental fillings breaking.

What Are the Causes of Broken Dental Fillings?

Eating hard foods can crack the filling. Teeth grinding is also another cause of broken dental fillings. Another cause is old filings. Filings have a lifespan of around 15 years, although that varies on how well you maintain it, the type of filling used, the size of the filing, and how hard you bite down.

What Is the Treatment Procedure for a Broken Filling?

Replacing a broken filling is one of the most common treatment procedures dentists use. It is a very simple method, but the new filling should always be bigger than the broken filling. When you drill out a broken filling, you will take more of the tooth. However, you will have to get a crown when the broken dental filling is of the maximum size. A dental crown refers to a cap that fits over the damaged tooth.

Who Can Get a Broken Filling?

Any person who has a dental filling can get a broken filling. Teeth grinding and a hard bite will always increase the risk. Old dental fillings will take time to crack.

Is a Broken Dental Filling Procedure Painful?

Pain is rare. However, it can be severe and persistent when patients feel pain, usually after the filling procedure.

Throbbing pain signals the pulp of the tooth is damaged. There are other types of pain, such as pain when chewing, which signals that there is a problem with the filling. Lingering pain means there is a problem with a filling. There is a possibility the tooth may be more damaged than the dentist had thought.

How Long Will the Tooth Hurt After a Dental Filling?

If you wonder how long the tooth will hurt after a dental filling, you can expect the pain to last for three to four weeks.
However, if the discomfort fails to improve after one month, it will be appropriate to contact us.

At D.A. Dental, fixing a broken filling is pretty easy! Call us at (774) 374-8295 immediately after your dental filling is broken to schedule an appointment or get a quote. We offer same-day broken filling dental emergency services.
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