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Rendering of removable partial denture at D.A. Dental in Auburn, MAMillions of Americans are missing all of their teeth in their top or bottom jaw. People lose teeth from severe tooth decay, or an orofacial injury. Your teeth's supporting bone structures and gums are dependent on the health of the teeth themselves. When a tooth is knocked out and not restored, there is a risk of the alveolar bone eroding away over time. Gum recession will increase without a tooth present. The way you speak, and your self-confidence are both affected by lost teeth. Our dentistry specialists at D.A. Dental strive to prevent the deterioration of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth.

When you have a significant number of missing teeth, you may want to consider dentures. Our dentists at D.A. Dental will provide you with the options available.

These options are typically partial or full dentures. Having full dentures will occur when you have no teeth at all and a partial denture will be implemented when only a few teeth are gone.

The Full Denture Option

Having a full set of dentures may be based on it being an immediate need or conventional need. The immediate denture is created ahead of time and will be ready once removal of teeth is complete.

This is good in that the patient will not need to wait to have their new teeth made as their gums heal. You need to be aware that the shrinkage of your gums will take place as healing continues.

This also means your dentures will need to be adjusted in order to remain a good fit. Normally, the immediate denture is temporary until a conventional denture is ready.

The Partial Denture Option

Using a partial denture will include attaching teeth that are a replacement to your gums by using an artificial base. This will normally include some metal so that it remains firmly in place.

The partial is utilized if only a few teeth are remaining. Besides having the gaps filled, the partial denture is also able to stop the changing of existing teeth.

Having a precise partial that can be taken out and includes different accessories will help keep it attached firmly. This will offer a natural appearance.

What Denture Alternatives Exist?

A common alternative to dentures includes implant supported bridges. This will eliminate the need for a partial denture.

Although you will experience a higher cost, you will have a bridge that will be closer to the real feel of your teeth.

Implant supported bridges and dentures are becoming more of a popular alternative today. Regardless of that, you will still need to ensure that an implant supported restoration is right for you.

Are Dentures Covered by Insurance?

The majority of dental insurance providers will cover dentures. If you are unsure, then you can contact D.A. Dental at (774) 374-8295.

We will be happy to verify the coverage for you. We will also advise you of the different types of dentures you would benefit from the most.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Dentures can cost between $300-$500 for one arch and up to $1,000 for a full set. If you have avulsed teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. Dental implants can reduce the atrophy of dental bone structures if done early and dentures may not be needed, however many people may not be eligible for dental implants depending on their jaw structure.

If you are considering dentures or implants it's important that you do not leave the decision to cost alone. D.A. Dental can help you find insurances specializing in the specific treatment you require.

One of our dentists can discuss options with you and recommend the best treatment plan. Reach out to us at (774) 374-8295 for more information.
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