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Fluoride Treatment Auburn MA

Young white boy patiently keeping his mouth open while his female dental assistant applies fluoride solution to his teeth at D.A. Dental in Auburn, MAAccording to a report published by WHO, almost half of the world suffers from oral diseases, which clearly indicates that many people do not have access to the treatment and prevention of common oral diseases.

Our dental professionals at D.A. Dental recommend being vigilant and regular about your dental appointments so that you do not let any progressive oral diseases develop and affect the health of your teeth, gums, and bone health, including fluoride treatment.

What is Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatment protects the enamel against cavities.

Fluoride is a mineral that builds tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay.

A body can either absorb fluoride systemically via fluoridated tap water or dietary supplements, or you can directly apply it on teeth via a fluoride treatment or toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Dentistry for Kids

Healthy teeth and gums are as important for kids as they are for adults.

But since children consume sweets, chocolates, and candies in greater amounts than adults, dentists recommend developing good oral hygiene habits and fluoride treatments once the first set of baby teeth start to appear.

The dentist examines the oral health and eating habits of a child and how likely it is that they will develop a cavity, and then recommends how many times a fluoride varnish treatment should be done.

Usually, a pediatrician will apply the fluoride varnish to your child's teeth, and this dental treatment will prevent, slow down, or treat cavities.

Fluoride varnishes are enriched with fluoride, a natural mineral that protects their tooth enamel from damage and decay.

a child holding a model toothAuburn, MA

Is Fluoride Treatment a Safe Treatment for Kids?

Fluoride treatment is a safe and highly recommended dental treatment, and dentists all over the world help their adult and younger patients prevent tooth decay with this treatment.

In a fluoride treatment procedure, a small amount of fluoride is used to coat the teeth, which reduces the chances of swallowing this material, especially by children.

The fluoride sticks to your teeth and hardens after a few hours when the teeth absorb the mineral.

After the treatment, a patient is recommended to brush their teeth to wash away the fluoride after four to 12 hours.

The fluoride treatment is painted on all sides of each tooth with a small brush.

It is a sticky formula at first but hardens after it comes in contact with the saliva. It is a safe treatment for children as even if they try to lick it off their teeth, the varnish won't come off.

The dentist will recommend eating soft and cold foods right after the fluoride treatment.

They also advise not to brush or floss your child's teeth for at least four to six hours.

How Can I Incorporate Other Sources of Fluoride in My Child's Lifestyle?

Community water supplies throughout America contain fluoridated drinking water which is an initiative to prevent tooth decay.

Your child can get fluoride through tap water, fluoride toothpaste, and mouthwashes.

Small amounts of fluoride are also present in various foods, but fluoridated water is the most important source to provide this important mineral to your child's daily routine.

Fluoride Treatment in Auburn MA

Contact D.A. Dental at (774) 374-8295 to book your appointment and take the first step towards optimal oral health with fluoride treatment.

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