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Six Month Smiles
Auburn, WA

A patient after Six Month Smiles at D.A. Dental in Auburn, WAAre you an adult who wants to straighten their front teeth, but do not want to spend two to three years wearing comprehensive braces? Have you considered or heard about Six Month Smiles? Six Month Smiles are clear dental aligners specifically engineered to correct the alignment of your front teeth in just six months.

Comprehensive Braces vs. Six Month Smiles

Comprehensive braces can be difficult to wear and take care of. You typically will have to schedule an appointment every four to six weeks to tighten your braces. You will also need to have a meticulous dental hygiene routine that is followed on a daily basis, which can be quite challenging. If you do not follow a strict regimen for the duration of your treatment, the consequences can be disastrous! Plaque biofilm colonies will grow and etch stain lines and orthodontic spots all around the appliance hardware. Unchecked biofilm will create cavities, decay, and periodontitis.

Six Month Smiles have many advantages over comprehensive braces. They require less time, there is less risk involved, and they can be quite discreet. Of course, every orthodontic appliance has its own sets of pros and cons. The first step is to make an appointment so that you can sit down with Demi Athans, DMD and discuss your options. If you are just looking to straighten your front teeth, Six Month Smiles might be right for you.

The Pros and the Cons

No matter what option you choose there will be benefits and drawbacks to each. Making the right choice is all about weighing your options so that they best match your individual needs. No orthodontic appliance is a hundred percent right for everyone.

The Pros

Here are some of the benefits:
•  Quick Treatment Time: Yes it really does take just six months!
•  Affordable: Due to the shortened treatment time, and because you will not need to make appointments to tighten your braces, Six Month Smiles are more affordable.
•  Comfortable and Gentle: Not as much force is exerted on the teeth as with comprehensive braces, which means that Six Month Smiles are much more comfortable.
•  Discreet: Instead of conspicuous metal hardware, these braces use discreet clear wires and tooth colored brackets.
•  Predictable: You should be able to leave your first consultation with Demi Athans, DMD knowing almost exactly what your teeth will look like after treatment.

The Drawbacks

Here are some of the disadvantages:
•  Conservative Results: Comprehensive braces can completely transform your mouth. The change you will see from wearing Six Month Smiles will be minimal in comparison. But if that is all you need, then this treatment option may be right for you.
•  Does Not Correct Malocclusion: Most orthodontic appliances are designed to correct malocclusion. Six Month Smiles will not correct the alignment of your jaw, but it will straighten your front teeth.

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If you are interested braces and want to learn more about Six Month Smiles, call D.A. Dental at (774) 374-8295 so that we can discuss your options, and figure out if they are right for you!

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Six Month Smiles are clear dental aligners specifically engineered to correct the alignment of your front teeth in just six months. Contact D.A. Dental to learn more!
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